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  1. 3 Things You Should Know Before You Get CCTV Installed In Your Home

    There are many things to think about before you go ahead and get a CCTV system installed in your home such as camera resolution, form factor, data storage and more, all of which, can be quite overwhelming for a first time buyer. However, to get the most out of your CCTV installation, having a sound understanding can make the difference in whether you catch that criminal or not.

    Installations should be quick, simple and looking clean. Our installers are professionally licenced electricians and are experts in home security installations. If your installer isn’t well versed in home security camera systems, your setup may be inefficient resulting in you paying more for less.

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  2. Benefits of CCTV you might not know about

    Do you know about these benefits CCTV provides?

    Just bought a new home or thinking about protecting your family from crime or theft and unsure whether it’ll be worth it or not? The peace of mind and security that a professionally installed home CCTV system can provide you and your family are crystal clear, however, did you know there are other benefits home CCTV systems can provide that you might not have thought of?

    Remote Monitoring

    Wondering whether the kids got home safely or itching to go on that long awaited holiday? Nowadays, many CCTV systems have remote monitoring via a smartphone app, so

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  3. Best Smart Home Devices You Need For 2021

    Control mains appliances in your home or small office using an App or by voice using your
    Google Home or Amazon Alexa with this Wi-Fi Smart Plug.

    Wi-Fi Smart Plug

    The Powertech Wi-Fi Smart Plug with voice control is one of the best smart home products on the market. You can control mains appliances in your home or small office using an App or by voice using your Google Home or Amazon Alexa. For example, with a simple touch on your Smartphone or voice command you could turn off a light in your bedroom without getting out of bed. You can also set up multiple schedules to turn appliances on automatica

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  4. The simplest solution to fix your weak Wi-Fi signal in your home or office

    The TP-Link 300Mbps Universal Wi-Fi Range Extender.

    Struggling to fix the Wi-Fi in your home or office?

    If you are struggling to get your Wi-Fi signal to reach throughout your entire home, you are not alone! This is a very common problem, especially for people who have two storey homes, or have long single storey homes with their WiFi modem/router at one end of the house. One of the best ways to fix this problem is to get yourself a WiFi range extender.

    So what is a Wi-Fi range extender and how does it work?

    A Wi-Fi range extender connects with your router (either wirelessly or through a wired connection) to help extend your int

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  5. Choosing a Dash Cam. Entry Level or Professional?

    Choosing a Dash Cam. Entry Level or Professional?

    Advanced Vehicle Security System

    Drivers today can choose from a 100's of Dash Cams but which one will do? In this guide, we walk through common applications for dash cams and which types of dash cam fulfil those requirements.

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  6. Smart TVs versus Android TVs



    What's the difference between smart televisions? Bluee Tech highlights the differences so you can pick the right smart television!

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  7. The Profound Impact CCTV has on Business

    The Most Profound Impact CCTV has on Business is NOT Theft Deterrence...

    Find out how Business utilises CCTV to positively impact the bottom line...

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  8. The Benefits of CCTV in your home.

    Why Should I Get Security Cameras at Home?

    FInd out why installing security cameras at home is a must...

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  9. Benefits of upgrading to a video intercom.

    Upgrade from Doorbell to Intercom & enjoy these benefits!

    Find out the benfits and features of installing a VIP Intercom at your home or business...

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  10. Benefits of LED lighting upgrades

    BENEFITS OF LED Lighting Upgrades

    Find out how to save on your energy bill, while helping the environment...

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