Do you know about these benefits CCTV provides?

Just bought a new home or thinking about protecting your family from crime or theft and unsure whether it’ll be worth it or not? The peace of mind and security that a professionally installed home CCTV system can provide you and your family are crystal clear, however, did you know there are other benefits home CCTV systems can provide that you might not have thought of?

Remote Monitoring

Wondering whether the kids got home safely or itching to go on that long awaited holiday? Nowadays, many CCTV systems have remote monitoring via a smartphone app, so you can keep your mind at ease wherever you are in the world.

Deductions On Your Insurance Policy

When calculating the cost of your policy, insurance companies will take into account the risk your home has of a break in. Homes with CCTV installed will be considered as more safe and less likely to experience a break in compared to a house without CCTV, ultimately reducing the price of your policy.

Visual Deterrent For Crime

Burglars and criminals are far less inclined to break into a home protected by CCTV. Using CCTV in conjunction with other security measures such as alarms, exterior lighting and fencing can significantly decrease the likelihood of a planned break in and deter criminals from your home, keeping your family feeling safe and secure.

Video Evidence

Evidence is crucial in catching suspects and with surveillance cameras, they provide the exact time, location and faces of the crime. If criminals are ignorant enough to attempt to break into your home, or business you will be protected with video evidence to present to the police and make our society a safer place.

So if you’re thinking whether cameras for your house will be worth it or not, consider these benefits and contact your local installer for a quote and site inspection.