Why get the Judge CCTV surveillance system for your Home?

  • You can log in from your smartphone anytime, from anywhere,
  • You can get alerts to your phone,
  • You’ll have that genuine feeling of security when you are not home
  • You’ll feel more secure and protected at home  
  • It will deter strangers from lurking around your home
  • You can be informed of every minute detail that occurs
  • It deters perpetrators from targeting your home
  • You can set the Judge to only record when something is happening, so when you hit playback, its all action.

Where do I install my Judge CCTV cameras?
It’s important to the know the hotspots, otherwise you’ll install cameras in impractical places that won’t capture useful data.
Most theft and vandalism offences are crimes of opportunity. When a potential intruder looks for a target, their looking for an easy target. Not making it easy for them is simple!

About a third of criminals enter a residence through the front door. Installation of a camera covering this area is essential, as is ensuring the camera is not easily accessible.

Around a quarter of home intrusions occur via the back door or side door. The common theme here is that all entry and exit points must be covered, and the cameras covering those points, must be high enough, or inaccessible enough, so that a potential thief cannot simply remove or paint over it.

Windows not facing the street are the next likely ingress point. The lack of passer-by’s gives the perpetrator time to gain access. This is another point requiring surveillance.

Balconies provide offenders an opportunity to hide by using articles left on the balcony as cover. Surveillance from a balcony can provide excellent range of video that may even prove useful for neighbors who don’t have CCTV!
Other cameras can be setup to record driveways, garages and the street frontage in order to maximise coverage of the approach areas.

See below for more information on Judge CCTV products or visit our YouTube channel for helpful installation videos.