Control mains appliances in your home or small office using an App or by voice using your
Google Home or Amazon Alexa with this Wi-Fi Smart Plug.

Wi-Fi Smart Plug

The Powertech Wi-Fi Smart Plug with voice control is one of the best smart home products on the market. You can control mains appliances in your home or small office using an App or by voice using your Google Home or Amazon Alexa. For example, with a simple touch on your Smartphone or voice command you could turn off a light in your bedroom without getting out of bed. You can also set up multiple schedules to turn appliances on automatically at different times, ideal for turning on lights to deter thieves, or for turning on your coffee machine in the morning. A smart timer or delay is also useful to turn devices on or off. You really will feel like you are living in the future with this amazing technology that is sure to be a household staple item in years to come.

Google Home

Google Home is the first smart home speaker from Google. It originally launched in 2016, and today there are a few spinoff models. Similar to other smart speakers, you talk to Google Home to get information, control devices in your home, and listen to music. This pairs seamlessly with the Powertech Wi-Fi Smart Plug, making voice control so much more exciting to turn all of your appliances on or off or set timers via the Google Home. The design is also awesome because it can fit in with most choices of décor in the home and doesn’t stand out or look like just a speaker. The pricing is very reasonable, and the features on this amazing smart home device are endless.

Google Home products have become increasingly popular household items, especially to be used as virtual assistants.


Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is an intelligent personal assistant that makes use of machine learning and artificial intelligence. It is designed to be always on and woken with a voice command. Like the Google Home/Google Assistant, Alexa can perform web searches, create calendar events, modify to-do lists, order products, play music, recite email, and perform dozens of other tasks. When you speak to Alexa it uses natural language learning and speech recognition to transmit your request to Amazon's servers. Machine learning software then processes the spoken request and sends a response back to Alexa, all in a matter of just a few seconds. This all pairs beautifully with the Powertech Wi-Fi Smart Plug, making your home and appliances all connected and accessible via Amazon Alexa.

Amazon Alexa products are intelligent personal assistants that make use of machine learning and artificial intelligence, and make your home and appliances more connected and easily accessible.

If you want to make your life easier and more connected, then you should look no further than these amazing smart home products.