Choosing a Dash Cam.

Entry Level or Professional?

Product image for the MDVR-J200 Dash Cam

When you are in the market for a Dash Cam there are a variety of factors you should consider.

First, let's cover the general functionality of a Dash Cam to establish a baseline for when we dive into specific features.

How Does a Dash Cam Work?

A Dash Cam is a small digital camera that usually attaches to the inside of your windshield and records the drivers view of the road ahead. In this position, the dash cam captures video of the drivers field of vision making the video footage an excellent tool for determining at fault drivers.

Dash Cams also have a reputation for capturing unusual events (Russina Meteor) and viral videos (Aircraft Crash Landings).

The truth is you can never really know what might be captured by your Dash Cam!

How does a Dash Cam receive power?

Dash Cams, like our $99 entry level model, generally power themselves by plugging into the cigarette port on a car/truck and receives power while the vehicle ignition is on. When the key is turned, or the ignition is activated, the Dash Cam will automatically begin recording video to its internal storage. When the ignition of the vehicle is turned off and the dash cam stops receiving power it will cease recording and save its last recording before powering down.

The majority of dash cams require a constant power source to function and are not designed to run off the internal battery found in some Dash Cams, these internal batteries allow the camera to save the most recent recording and shut down safely in the case of sudden power loss.

Alternatively our professional model dash cam has a external battery included. 

 Professional Dash Cam Inclusions Picture

How does a Dash Cam save the video it records?

Dash Cams save their recordings to a removable memory card, typically a micro SD card which come in sizes up to 256GB. The Dash Cam will record to the memory card until it becomes full when it will begin to overwrite the oldest video recordings with newer video.

To give you an idea of video record length, a Dash Cam recording in 1080p to a 32GB memory card will be able to record for approximately 4 - 5 hours before having to overwrite older recordings.

So what are some features you should keep in mind when purchasing a Dash Cam?

All Dash Cams will do the basic recording and saving functions, what you should consider are the extra features and functions that a Professional Dash Cam supports such as:

Two Way Talk

Have a handsfree conversation with via the Dash Cam with our Professional Dash Cam via the app.

Video Coverage

All Dash Cams record the road in front of the car but some come with a rear-facing camera to record in inside of the car, this is called a cabin camera.

A cabin camera is not much use to an everyday Dash Cam user but is invaluable for any ride-share driver who makes use of apps like Uber or Lyft. Having an internal cabin camera heavily discourages antisocial behaviour from passengers and provides protection from fraudulent reports of unprofessional behaviour made against drivers. 

Some Dash Cams also offer a secondary camera to be placed at the rear of the vehicle to record the road behind the car but this comes with an increased cost and difficulty of installation.

GPS Tracking & Notifications

Some Dash Cams, like our MDVR-J200 3G/WiFi In-Vehicle Surveillance & GPS Tracking System offer a GPS tracking system which provides the benefit of tracking the current location of the vehicle. This feature when combined with live notifications of a collision detection, can give parents peace of mind that their children are safe on the road.

Dash Cam App with GPS and Remote View Two Way Talk

Where to Purchase

This is primarily down to personal preference, eBay can work well enough but as most sellers on eBay are not "Official Distributors" access to warranty and support is slim to none.

Our range of dash cams, on the other hand, come with a minimum manufacturer warranty of 1 year and have friendly Australia based support staff to help enable advanced features or work out any problems you may have with our products.                                                             

Visit and select an entry level or professional series Dash Cam for your vehicle.