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HDCVI Technology

High Definition Composite Video Interface (HDCVI) is an innovative technology that is used to transmit HD videos over a coaxial cable. It allows existing, analogue CCTV systems to be upgraded to mega-pixel resolutions without requiring re-cabling.

Ultra High Definition

HDCVI technology enables standard coaxial cables to carry 4K resolution video signals. This allows detail up to 4 times higher than True HD (1080p).

Bluee recommends the Securview Victory range of HDCVI cameras

Bluee recommends the Securview Victory range of HDCVI cameras. Available in a range of resolutions and housing types, there is HDCVI camera available for any job.

3 Signals over 1 Coaxial Cable

3 in 1 Technology

In a traditional, analogue CCTV system, a coaxial cable could only transmit video. Audio and data (such as PTZ control) required additional cables to be installed. HDCVI technology enables the transmission of three signals over one single cable.

Long Distance Transmission

HDCVI has been engineered to allow much longer cable runs than those available with analogue CCTV. Distances of up to 700 metres are achievable using 4K resolutions.

Seamless Upgrade

All of the Securview Victory range of HDCVI recorders are backwards compatible with analogue cameras. This allow system upgrades to performed over a period of time, rather than at once.

For those with limited budgets, you an initial upgrade can be as small as swapping the recorder and a single camera.

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