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Predictive Focus Algorithm (PFA)

Current Challenges

Surveillance is always a solution due to security issues in both commercial and domestic buildings. To record long distances, the PTZ cameras are gaining popularity these days. The PFA technology Predictive Focus Algorithm is what keeps the user experience perfect. In normal cameras, recording long distances is always an issue due to:

  • Blurry recording

  • Shaking surveillance

  • Slow focus

These problems terminate the ultimate purpose of recording the situation and leave a user with no choice. Hence, to cut off this hassle, new technology is brought to use by Bluee and that is PFA. Our cameras come implemented with PFA that can record every critical scenario and present them with 100% clarity.

No matter if it is a daytime set-up or nighttime, with Bluee PFA technology, you get the best of both worlds. You can zoom in and out and observe every detail you need without receiving any blurry effects.

About PFA Technology

Predictive Focus Algorithm provides a mechanism to achieve a recording with high precision so when you zoom in you do not miss out any detail. Such as you are recording a long-distance car, using the PFA technology, you become able to note the exact car number. Due to the advantage, more and more businesses have been preferring cameras that come embedded with PFA.

PFA technology works by understanding the curve transformation law and using its zooming and rich megapixel expertise, it records every aspect of the object. The method predicts the distance of the subject and tweaks its setting accordingly.

Benefits from PFA Technology

HDCVI technology allows the cameras to record long distances without any signal loss. It supports these distances without losing any quality as well. Say “No” to blurry recordings and get crystal clear live frame of the recordings.

  • PFA ensures preciseness throughout the zooming process

  • It keeps the recording from shaking and hence provides stable and crystal clear images

  • It lets you hear HD quality audio that takes place in the situation

  • Built using an algorithm that can predict the distance of the object and record accordingly

  • It focuses out well and quickly

  • The focusing algorithm stays active all the time so the recording stays flawless, and while analyzing, it only needs a few focus treatments.

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