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Critical Infrastructure

Be Prepared for Every Potential Risk

Infrastructures are also prone to damages such as theft, terrorist attacks, and natural calamities. Any of the misfortune events can make the infrastructure collapse.
Bluee technology brings you the ideal solutions in the following ways:

  • All the cameras and thermal camera provide 4K video quality
  • Solutions for surveillance along with off-grid power supplies, remote control, etc.
  • Regular inspection of thermal cameras and recovery in case of system failure

Oil & Gas

As the number of vehicles on urban roads continues to increase, oil & gas has become an indispensable component of our living.

Electric Power

Our lives are so dependent on electricity that even an hour-long power outage could cause serious problems in some industries and many aspects of our lives.


Telecommunication plays a significant role in connecting the world altogether, pulling state economy and greatly improving citizens’ life quality.