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What can the solution do?

Improve efficiency and security while reducing costs

ANPR or Automatic number-plate recognition is (ANPR) is a mechanism that recognizes the image on the vehicle which we call number plate and clearly shows the characters. The technology never misses recording a vehicle’s number plate if it is in the range of the camera.

ANPR is meant to increase efficiency and security that benefit you in every possible way. The number-plate recognition technology does not make you spend extra dollars as it is a cost-effective solution.

Key Technologies

The ANPR system provided by Bluee captures the number plate in real-time by using our company’s software and camera. As this technology is made of using huge data and deep understanding of learning, ANPR bestows you with the following:

  • It enables you to get a recorded session for multiple languages number-plates such as English, Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Thai, etc.
  • Highly accurate recognition for all the languages of number plates
  • Fast recognition so no vehicle passes by without being recorded
  • The cost-effectiveness makes you spend on ANPR without tearing your pockets

Typical Applications

ANPR can be of great use in various applications such as:

  • To manage a better level of road safety where each vehicle gets recorded
  • To register a vehicle that is banned. If the vehicle passes by or comes in the range of the camera, you automatically get an alert
  • It supports Electronic Toll Collection and enables quick and efficient tax collection
  • Big companies use ANPR and let people park easily. Whenever the vehicle enters the parking zone, the number-plate gets recorded and it guides the vehicle for the parking spot.
  • ANPR controls entering and exiting vehicles and create a barrier for the assigned ones using the number-plate

Deployable System Design

Installation Recommendations

There are a few conditions that need to be met in order to recognize the number plate evenly. Let’s get to know these:

From the front, the horizontal line should make an angle of less than 30°. It means you should make a horizontal distance of 25m for perfect capturing.

In side installations, the angle between the camera and lane line should be less than 30°, which means if the height of pole is 2m, the minimum image capture distance should be at least 7m.

For optimal recognition, the plate must have 70-250 pixels. Different countries have different requirements, such as EU: 130pixel-250pixel, CIS: 150pixel-250pixel, etc.

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