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Installation Services - We Supply and Install!

Surveillance Systems 

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Outdoor and indoor surveillance cameras will give you peace of mind knowing your home is safe and secure. They are a proven deterrent of crime and vandalism, including break and enters, theft and other forms of misconduct. We will set you up with everything you need, including cameras, recorders, monitors and applications on your mobile device so you can view the video surveillance remotely, no matter where you are. Our brands include VIP Vision, Watchguard and Securview, which include some of the best CCTV products on the market. We also offer lifetime tech support and 4 years warranty with all of our surveillance installations, so you can relax and be reassured that you are dealing with the best in the home security business when you choose Bluee. 

Intercom Systems 

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An intercom system will form part of an access control system and therefore the entire security system in the home. Bluee has a great range of intercom products, to suit whatever it is that you want and need. With products like our Residential Series G door stations and indoor monitors paired with great access control products, you will feel safe and secure in your own home. Bluee takes pride in completing an installation perfectly, and making sure our clients are satisfied and blown away by the quality of our products, and their ability to take home security to the next level. 

Access Control Systems 

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Access control is an important part of any security set-up, both for homes, and especially businesses.  Having the ability to control who comes into your office or building at any point in time is critically important for the security, safety, and health of those who work or spend time in a facility. Any business or organization with heavy foot traffic will particularly benefit from access control. You will be left satisfied with Bluee always going above and beyond to give great service, and the highest quality work, whilst also supplying the best access control products on the market. 

Alarm Systems 

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You can never have too much peace of mind. That's what we tell our clients who are interested in an alarm system for their home or business. An alarm system for your home or business can provide added protection and to you, your family and your work colleagues or employees. Think of it as an added barrier to a would-be criminal or thief, it's an extra deterrent that they do not want and that you should have, to make sure you are as secure as possible. Bluee has a great range of alarm systems, that can all be installed by our professional team, leaving you more than satisfied with the end result. 

LED Lighting

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Bluee also supplies and installs a huge range of LED lighting products, which many clients use as additional security measurements to protect their home or business. Sensored floodlights are a great example as an extra source of security, as lighting is a deterrent to would-be criminals. We also have LED downlights, high-bay lights, various light bulbs, batten lights and more. You won't be disappointed with Bluee's range of lighting and the quality of our installations, as our use of LED is founded on the greatest quality of lighting, whilst also being friendly to the environment. 

Network Bridging

Bluee also supplies and installs network bridging products that can extend your home or business networking capabilities. This can also be an important addition to allow you to expand your security set-up on larger properties, such as increasing your level of surveillance to parts of your home including a shed, a garage, and other parts of the property which wouldn't usually have access to your network. Our range of network bridging products can also allow you to connect more sensors to alarm systems, have networking capabilities for intercom systems at the gate, plus many more beneficial options. Bluee will leave you satisfied with the end result, always making sure our clients vision and needs are met to their standard.


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