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4 Sensor Vehicle Reversing/Parking Kit

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The RHINO™ MSKIT-RV4 parking sensors work from a range of 0.0 to 2.5 meters, which provides ample warning of vehicles and smaller obstacles hidden in the blind spot behind your vehicle.
The parking sensors work in conjunction with an internal siren, (hidden from view) that increases in frequency as you approach the object.

Product features:
• 40KHz ultrasonic sensors detect objects within 0.3 ~ 2.5m
• Includes digital control box and speaker for audible alert
• 12VDC 20~200mA power input
• Easy installation of high quality embedded sensors into bumper
• Factory certified ISO9001:2008

Kit includes
• 4x Parking Sensors
• 1x Control Box with cabling
• 1x Siren
• 1x Ø19mm hole drill bit
• 1x Installation manual

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