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POFAN Magnetic USB Charging & Data Cable with USB Type C Adaptor

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This detachable magnetic USB charging cable is an excellent solution for an easy to connect, easy to separate and reducing the wear and tear of plugging and pulling the charging connector in and out of the charging port of your devices. The idea behind this cable is to make the tip detachable from the cable. It can stay in your device while using a strong neodymium magnet to connect the charging tip to the charging cable. With this model, you can also buy an optional tips for other devices. So you can reuse the cable to charge your devices without having to pull the tip out. In addition, this cable uses high quality copper wires and is protected with a durable and stylish woven jacket. 1M in length. 
This cable includes a USB Type-C connector. Optional tips with USB Type-C, micro USB or Apple lightning connector are available.

More Information
Plug Type USB, USB Type C
Socket Type None
Electrical Cable Length 1M
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