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Power Cube Extended USB High-power Duo USB Port

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The PowerCube® Extended USB is a uniquely designed power distributor that features a four-outlet cube at the end of a 1.5 or 3.0 metre flexible lead and also two USB sockets for 2.1A charging of accessories. This product includes a docking mount which users can fasten to a desk, or under the desk, or on the wall using the provided screws, or damage-free adhesive strips.
There is also a small plastic collar that slides up and down the cable, with a screw hole so users can tack the cable to the wall or underneath your work surface to keep the cable tidy and out of the way.

Includes docking mount

More Information
Number of outlets 6
Socket Type USB 3.0, Type I Flat Pin (New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, China and Argentina)
Rated Current 10A
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