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Vehicle Alarm, Immobiliser and Glass Break Sensor

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The Rhino RAV3 is one of our top quality Australian Standards Approved car alarm. It has been engineered to the highest specifications to give you the ultimate in car security.

The main features which have been developed and incorporated into the RAV3 include:

  • Three Automatic Immobilisers
  • Intelligent Glass Break Sensor
  • Intelligent Dual Stage Shock Sensor
  • Data Battery Back-Up Siren
  • Door, bonnet and boot protection
  • Central locking from the remote
  • Turbo Timer Functions
  •  Alarm control via vehicle factory key
  • Courier function

The RAV3 includes:
1 x ASA 3-Point Engine Immobiliser
2 x 4-Button Rolling Code Waterproof Remote Controls
1 x Mini Coded Backup Battery Siren
1 x Glass Break Sensor

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Vehicle Security Type Alarm
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