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Upgrading your Security Camera System

Why Upgrade to a HDCVI System?

Upgrading an existing security camera system is easy using High Definition Composite Video Interface (HDCVI), an innovative technology that is used to transmit HD videos over a coaxial cable. It allows existing, analogue CCTV systems to be upgraded record in mega-pixel resolutions and support modern smart functions without the required re-cabling that comes with upgrading to an Internet Protocol (IP) system.

Higher Resolution and Quality of Footage.

Diagram of resolutions

In today's world, a high resolution is crucial. Nobody benefits from security camera footage too grainy to make out important details. Unlike traditional analogue systems with resolutions limited to a maximum resolution of 960×480 - 960×576, our range of Securview HDCVI solutions are available in resolutions up to 4K (3840 x 2160) to capture critical evidence, such as faces and car number plates, in the event of criminal activity.

Greater Functionality with Fewer Cables.

3 Signals over 1 Coaxial Cable

Analogue security camera systems are only capable of transmitting video footage through a single coaxial cable, extra cables were required to utilise additional features such as audio recording and Pan Tilt Zoom/Motorised security cameras, this limited the functionality of lower spec systems and outright prevent upgrading existing systems from fixed cameras to more flexible motorised and PTZ cameras. Modern HDCVI technology enables the transmission of video, audio and control data using a single cable.

Smarter Security for a Modern Age.

Face detection example

Speaking of greater functionality, as a consequence of switching from analogue video/audio formats to digital equivalents modern HDCVI systems boast intelligent features that an old analogue system could never hope to match. Everything from motion detection, remote monitoring, live push and email notifications to even face detection.

High-quality Security on a Budget.

Man with empty out-turned pockets

HDCVI surveillance systems are a fantastic option for those who want top-tier security without breaking the bank, despite sharing many of the premium features of an IP system HDCVI systems are significantly lower in cost.

No Muss No Fuss.

Tangled cables

Despite HDCVI systems greater fidelity and functionality they still use the same cabling as an analogue system, re-using the cables of your current security camera system radically reduces the parts and installation costs by avoiding costly and time-consuming re-wiring.

A Security System that Grows with You.

Stock photo of family in front of house

All of our HDCVI recorders are backwards compatible with analogue cameras so you can upgrade your current security camera system in a piecemeal fashion.

That Sounds Great! How Do I Do It?

First We Need to Establish what You Currently Have.

BNC Connector

Our HDCVI cameras and recorders us a connection type called BNC, it looks something like this. Not sure what connection type your system uses or does your system not use BNC? Get in contact with one of our experts and they'll help you out.

Then we need to swap out the recorders and cameras.

Since your new system uses the already laid cabling from your old system all that needs to be done is to swap out the parts and configure the system.

Why Should I go with Bluee Technology?

Go with Bluee Technology because we treat like a neighbour, not a number

At Bluee Technology we pride ourselves on providing exemplary before and after-sales support.

Before you buy

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We'll walk through the perfect system to fit your needs and budget, then we'll arrange the installation of your system through our highly skilled installers.

After your system is up and running

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You can access our Australia based support team to get their help on enabling advanced features, troubleshooting any issues with your system or, with our 4-year warranty, replace any defective parts free of charge.

Upgrade your System Today!

Schedule an installaiton.

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Our top-notch and knowledgeable installers are ready to help you with your system upgrade.

DIY installation

Combined securview product line

If you would prefer to do the upgrade yourself please browse our range of upgrade ready cameras and recorders.